Tuesday, November 14, 2017

My Creative writing

Saphiria and Mila
WALT: use Hyperboles  and Idioms

Saphira sat at her desk, her sapphire eyes stared blankly out the open window to the rolling waves. Her sand-coloured hair whipped out like ribbons as a salty breeze hit her face. Saphira was a Latin-American, home-schooled 12 year old girl. She lived in a circular whitewashed cottage with a thatched roof. Saphira’s Mother had passed away eight years ago in a car crash, Saphira had only just survived. She had to get one leg amputated and now walked along with one fake leg. Saphira was left with her busy father, who was always working and shouting.

Saphira walked out her room and outside. She whistled a soft tune to herself as she wandered down the grassy bank and thought about the millions of things she had to do today. The blue gem drops of the ocean covered the shore. Saphira strayed far from her house and carried on downs the beach. Saphira’s eyes focused on a small grey lump lying in a shallow pool of water.
“That’s strange. That rock wasn’t there yesterday.” Saphira said confused. She ran up to it. Her eyes started to glaze over with tears as she realised what she was looking at. \46A Maui’s Dolphin. Squirming and writhing in a thick fishing net. Around her beak the net had cut in and blood was trickling down from the gash. Her usually smooth and silky skin was now hard and dry like sandpaper.
“No!” Saphira gasped That's when the dolphin stopped moving.

“NO!” Saphira screamed and tears started falling down her cheeks. She took her phone out of her pocket and called the Marine Service.
“There’s a Maui’s Dolphin here and she’s dying!” Saphira said frantically.
“Hold on Miss, where are you?” Saphira told them were her house was, “Ok, we’ll be there soon!”
After a while the Marine Service showed up.
“Help it!” Saphira rasped desperately.
You sound like you have a frog in your throat, and don’t fret, we’ll have your dolphin fixed in no time. We have to take her to our Marine Rehabilitation centre though.” said on the men working for the Marine Service. “You should come with us and calm her down.”
“Ok.” Saphira said, breathing heavily.

When they arrived at the Marine Rehabilitation Centre, they took the dolphin to a private pool. Some workers lifted her onto a platform just underneath the water. They gave her an injection and cleaned the cut on her beak. She almost looked normal again. Her stormy grey skin was clean and silky, her belly was creamy and white like the milky way. But the cut was still red and puffy.
“Miss, you should go home now or your parents will hit the roof, but come back tomorrow.” said one of the ladies called Hattie, “But first you should name her.”
“Really! Ok . . . how about, Mila!”

The next day Saphira walked to the Rehabilitation Centre. Hattie ran up to her with a smile as bright as the sun.
“Mila is better! Her injury is healing and she is spinning and diving in the pool! In fact we might have to move her to a bigger pool. ”
“Really!” Saphira was completely blown away by Mila’s fast recovery.
“Yes really! Come and see!”

And it was true. Saphira was so happy to see Mila diving out of the pool and doing spins, spraying watery gems everywhere.
“Hop in with her!” Hattie said enthusiastically.

“Ok.” Saphira said as she climbed cautiously into the electric-blue pool. Mila turned towards Saphira and started to zoom in her her direction. Saphira ducked under the water, Mila clicked and squeaked happily at her. Mila started to flip and spin under water. Saphira started to flip and spin in the water. Soon they were dancing - flip, spin, flick, flip, spin and flick. Saphira’s hair floated around her like a golden forcefield. Her sapphire eyes glinted happily like gems. Mila’s tail flicked joyfully, her silky skin sent satisfaction to Saphira. She swam over to Mila and stroked her beak. The cut was slowly healing. Eventually Saphira climbed out of the pool.
“I should go now, but I will come tomorrow.” Saphira walked back home with a skip in her step and a smile glued to her face.

This carried on for the next week. Finally came the time to set Mila back to her natural habitat. Saphira swum out with Mila and waved goodbye, tears spilling out of her eyes.
“I will never forget you!” Saphira called through sobs. Mila clicked sadly in response and swam around Saphira.
“Go! Go free!” Saphira cried. Mila clicked and clicked and squeaked and then swam away into the setting sun.

That night, when Saphira lay in bed, she heard clicking noises.
“Mila!” Saphira sat up and stared out of the window. She ran outside and stood on the bank, wind tugging at her hair. And there she was. Mila, waiting for her.

A few weeks ago in Te Ngahere we created a creative piece of writing. We had to use lots of language features like onomatopoeia, metaphors, similes and adjectives. I already knew how to use all of those so I taught myself some - Idioms and Hyperboles. I think I did well at using Hyperboles and Idioms, but I would like to add more of them into my writing.

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