Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I Remember

Image result for string lights pngI was learning how to notice the structure of a piece of descriptive writing.
The first line was what you were doing.
The second line you had to describe something that was happening.
On the third line you had to describe something you did.
The fourth line was why you did it and we had to figure out what the rest of the structure. I think I did well in putting in descriptive words. I think I need to improve in adding similes.


I Remember . . .
Tying up my blonde hair and pulling on my flowery costume.
Bright, coloured fairy lights ringed the party area.
Kina, the adorable puppy scampered up to me and licked me with his sandpaper tongue.
Loud music started drumming in my ears.
As I walk, people come into view with amazing costumes on.
A burst of colour catches my eye, it was the food!
Sticky puddings, bright fruit salads and healthy sandwiches.
I hear children laughing, I follow the giggling with Kina trotting by my side.
That was my Summer.

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  1. Hi Freya. Great to see you sharing your learning again this year. I like that you have reflected about the writing process and considered what you did well and where you might look for improvement next time. I hope you keep blogging about your learning this year.