Thursday, March 9, 2017

Tango tangelo

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 Tango Tangelo The bright orange skin of the tangelo enhances your sight as soon as you get a glimpse of it. The tangy tangelo has crispy skin that flakes off when you peel it. 
 Under the skin a thin layer of white stringy stuff. I teared off a squishy segment and ripped it in half. The flesh was made of tiny orange transparent segments. The flesh was as shiney as an orange crystal I bit into the tutti frutti tangelo. My tongue did a little tango with my teeth as the taste melted into my throat. My tiny taste buds tingled with pleasure. It was as scrumptious as scrumptious can be. The juice squirted onto my hand and dribbled down my arm. DELICIOS! ! !

 In class we were learning how to write a descriptive piece of writing. We had to examine and taste a tasty tangelo our teacher bought in, then we had to write about it. I think I did well at putting in descriptive words. I also think I need to work on adding in similes and onomatapoeia. I love writing descriptive stories.

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