Sunday, July 23, 2017

My Travels - Enschede

Hi again! I am now in Enschede! We have been here 4 days and we leave tomorrow (sad face). I have been to Aquadrome already 2 times! Aquadrome is an indoor and outdoor swimming pool - IT IS AMAZING! Sorry I deidn't get any pictures but I have got some of my other adventures!

Here is Thea and Dad as we went bramble berry/blackberry picking, for Poppa and I are going to make a sweet stew out of it! Here is my family and I making then eating Poffetjes! Here's a close up of the poffertjes pan. Here we are in an outdoor mall - Mum was eager to go shopping! I hope you enjoy!


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  2. Hi Freya!
    you will be lucky to make a stew if Thea does not stop eating them!Did you guys make the poffertjes? (they are so yum aye!) again say hi to the family!
    Yours faithfully,

  3. Hi Tessa! Yes we did make poffertjes and they were delicious!