Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Netherlands - The Artis Royal Zoo

Hi again! Today we went to the the Artis Royal Zoo in Amsterdam! It was AMAZING! There I had poffertjes ( poff-er-jes) with powdered sugar, nutella, strawberries . . . ANYWAY! It was the best zoo ever! I took some photos of my favorite animals, here they are!

This is a Scarlet Ibis - it looks a bit like a pheonix!

I have NO idea what this bird is called but it is freaky so I will name him freaky dinosaur bird!

I was so lucky to have seen one of these amazing animals - Fennec Fox (my favorite animal next to cats)

This is an Ocelot - amazing animals!

We were in the butterfly sancturary and these are two of the butterflies!

One butterfly landed on my top ( sorry my face looks so cheesy it was bright and I squinted)

After we went to the zoo we met up with Joust and Natalie for lunch (YUM)

I will be posting soon! I hope you enjoy, bye!


  1. um freya every single photo is need acses! (< _ >) :)

  2. Hi Freya. Great to see photos of your holiday. The photos selected of the animals were very good. Do you know what each of the animals are? I like Amsterdam - especially the quirky buildings and flowers.

    1. Hi Mr Lindsay.
      I have mentioned all but one (the black and orange bird) of the names of each animal in a caption underneath each photo. I hope Paihia School is well!

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  3. Hi Freya,
    HAHAHAHA freaky dionosuar bird! My favourite animal is the Fennec Fox and the occelot

    1. Hi Tessa!
      Those are my fav animals too!